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You can't call yourself a vegetarian if you eat fish and eat cheeses that contain animal derived rennet. And if you're really that concerened about animal welfare you won't wear animal skin or buy new leather shoes or sofas either!

Archive - 2000
Appeal from Croatia

"According to a law in Croatia, any cat or dog more than 300 meters beyond town limits is considered strayed and therefore is allowed to be killed. Cats and puppies are being killed and hung by the branches of the trees in Medjimurje area in Croatia. However, throughout the last year, there were numerous cases of puppies, dogs and cats being intentionally shot by hunters.
From VoiceOver Archive - 2000

Archive - May 2001
Appeal from Badgerwatch (Ireland)

"Our Department of Agriculture has recently given a commitment to farming interests to intensify its badger-killing strategy in the coming year. Thousands of more badgers are now being exterminated for their UNPROVEN link to bovine TB (mycobacterium bovis) in cattle. September 1st, 2000 year marked the start of the latest cull in which an estimated 10,000 badgers will be slaughtered. 75 extra 'dedicated' staff are to be appointed to do the job. To date, close on 30,000 animals have been legally killed by the Department.

Ironically, the licence for the use of a wire snare to trap the animal is sought from The Wildlife Service whose responsibility includes badger protection! This is deemed to be 'Research'. The actual snaring is itself a particularly barbaric act. Snares are set at evening time and the badgers caught in them during the night are shot next morning. Snaring continues through the breeding season without respite for nursing females. This situation has given rise to serious welfare problems when orphaned badger cubs are left to die of starvation underground or are killed when they come out looking for food. The illegal killing of badgers on some farms sadly continues with the pumping of gallons of slurry into their setts.

Badgers are protected by the Wildlife Act (1976) and are listed as an Appendix 111 species of the Bern Convention. Never was an animal so protected ! But this seems to be a paper exercise. This pro-active culling of badgers in 20% of Ireland that yields 50% of the current reactors (cattle responding positive to the skin test) cannot be justified. We suspect it cannot be regarded as a scientific experiment because there appears to be no plans to contrast it with a no-kill policy in designated areas of similar proportions.

What is urgently needed is an improved cattle test, one that unlike our present test, is 100% accurate. Also needed is some form of control on the very high level of cattle movement within the country. Cattle movement in Ireland is six times greater than our European counterparts. There is no compulsory pre-movement testing at present. Instead of taking an holistic view of the problem, our Government has gone for the soft option of pursuing a vigorous anti-badger campaign."
From VoiceOver Archive - May 2001

Archive - December 2001
Crisis in Ukraine for Stray Animals
Appeal from Naturewatch

""At this moment there are disgraceful acts of cruelty on the streets in Ukraine. Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, employs vicious treatment of stray dogs. Any poor dog abandoned in Ukraine is truly unlucky. For it will be subject to brutal and evil acts. Eye-witness reports of capture methods are gruesome. The animal catchers use blowpipes or poisoned meat to immobilise the animal. Later, the dogs are bludgeoned, or gassed, and skinned - many are still conscious. Some dogs however are not skinned. They are thrown into the back of the catchers van and transported to experiment facilities. The dog catchers will make a bonus for these poor creatures. In Ukraine there are no laws on animal experiments - acts that are banned in most countries can be carried out here with impunity.

The Dog catchers will capture dogs and skin them - this happens every day in towns & cities throughout Ukraine. Once captured the dogs are left in steel cages. They are removed with "pincers". Brutally yanked by their necks, the animals are dumped inside a metal box where poisonous chemicals are poured in - death takes 20 minutes. Others are clubbed over the head. Skinning then commences.

The pioneering animal welfare society, Kiev SPA-SOS that has already achieved so much in Ukraine, continues to receive disturbing reports. The latest report concerns the use of stray dogs in experiments. It reveals that a German weapons company in Kiev has been using strays to test rubber bullets. Here is part of the text from the article: " Numerous experiments with animals were conducted. During the experiments adult dogs are fired at from six metres. The firing is made into the groin area, elbow joint, heart, spleen and pancreas. The results of the experiments were large haemorrhages and strong painful reactions." We do not believe this is an isolated case - we believe there are many western European companies conducting experiments, banned in their own countries, on stray animals in Ukraine. It is disgraceful that Ukraine, as a member of the Council of Europe, allows such barbarity to continue. Often corrupt local government officials prevent the adoption of animal protection laws as they profit from the proceeds of the dog collection businesses. A draft national animal protection law for Ukraine has already been prepared by the Kiev SPA-SOS society and has been especially composed with the help of Ukrainian lawyers, having regard for the circumstances of the country. The launch for the proposed law was made at a press conference in Kiev last September. Both Naturewatch and the RSPCA International attended and supported the draft laws that were introduced to the media by the British Ambassador. These laws will offer protection to animals from wanton cruelty. They have the support of leading Ukrainian deputies and other influential officials. Yet the authorities have not taken any action so far to adopt these animal protection measures. The disgraceful and barbaric cruelty that is witnessed daily on the streets of Ukraine must be stopped. Corrupt officials who personally profit from the sale of dog and cat fur must be removed from office. The animal experiment companies must be made to comply with Council of Europe laws that ban the use of stray animals for experimentation. The president of Ukraine is Leonid Kuchma. If we can influence him, the battle for the animals will be won. You can help the animals by sending a VoiceOver e-mail protest to him. The following letter outlines our concerns and demands. You just need to add your name and address. You can of course compose your own letter should you wish".
From VoiceOver Archive - December 2001

Archive - 2002
Spanish Dog Horror - Appeal from Greyhounds in Nood, Belgium

"The Greyhounds begin their life in Ireland where they are raced on dog tracks. When they are no longer successful or win money, they are shipped off to Spain where they run on second class race tracks and kept in horrific conditions. The Galgo Espagnol is used in Spain for hare coursing where championships are also held. In both cases, if these animals do not perform satisfactorily, they are cruelly abused and subsequently tortured to death. Spain is one of the more notorious places where they end up hanging in trees when they are no longer useful.. In March 2002 pictures were published for the first time of a mass grave in Chueca, Spain. Eye witness reports collected at Chueca give clear testimony that this horrendous activity is extensive and ongoing. The photos show great numbers of recently slaughtered dogs along with older bones. Corpses in various stages of decay prove that this practice has been going on in that particular region over a long period. It is inexcusable that such barbarism still continues to perpetrate itself in Spain today, a nation within the European Union. Spain is clearly gaining a worldwide reputation on the subject of its cruelty to galgos, and this appeal asks you to use your given powers by sending a letter to José Maria Aznar, President of España . Thank you for your support."
From VoiceOver Archive - 2002

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This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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