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Recent research has found that vegetarians live up to 6 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

A word of thanks from VeggieGlobal / Looking-Glass

Thank you to those who have recently discovered VeggieGlobal at Looking-Glass and who have commented on the sites with such kind words.
As you can see below it has been quiet a few years since these letters pages have been updated, but since then the sites have received many kind comments, which we thank you for. We will try and find time to update these letters pages sometime in the future. Overall, your response gives a welcoming indicator that the continuing effort in creating this web environment has been worthwhile; providing enlightenment towards global healing.

If you would like to comment on anything that relates to issues or items published here at Looking-Glass or even opinions on the kind of current world issues that would be of interest to other visitors, please use the contact form, and mark your comment "VeggieGlobal Letters".

17 May 2002

VeggieGlobal is the best veggie site I've seen. All I'll like to know is what types of vegetarians you get and what makes them different, is it what they eat or religion? please let me know. Thank you.
M.D.P Cape Town S.A

14 May 2002

Chaque fois que je reviens sur ce site, je suis émerveillée par l'ambiguïté de ce labyrinthe magique. J'ai peine à croire que ceci est l'oeuvre d'une seule et même personne à moins que ce ne soit un génie...ou un fou de perfection ? Mais la folie n'est jamais loin du génie.... A little Belgian rainbow.

7 May 2002

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of animals and the environment! J.K, USA

24 April 2002

I'm amazed about your sites, which I was lucky to find through a friend of mine who is also a great animal lover. Together, amongst all others we are fighting against injustice and cruelty to animals all over the world; we are SO disgusted about what people do to this beautiful earth and nature. How on earth are we (human race) capable of doing this ?? It is 5 to12 !!! As always, the red string through all these stories is "dirty" big money - where men loose all his senses...... I read about the situation of the Chinese bears and cant believe the major welfare organizations can't stop these practices. Are we still living in the Middle Ages?? S. H, Belgium

21 April 2002

Question: I am trying to get to the vegan stage but i am not sure about getting rid of soy milk, milk? or like soy bean extract..please help.i don't want to drink it anymore but i am scared of osteoperosis...

VeggieGlobal Replies: Soymilk does not contain any form of dairy product. In other words it is not derived from animals. Soy milk is made by grinding soaked, then cooked Soya beans, then pressing them to squeeze the "juice" out of them. To get the milk flavour, vanilla essence is normally added. When soymilk is processed during commercial manufacturing, you'll find that more chemical type additives, flavouring, thickeners and preservatives are included to make it taste more like dairy milk. It's best to shop around and check on the ingredients listing to find the most "natural" type of soymilk.

9 April 2002

I've been a vegetarian for three years and a vegan for five years and I'm expanding my knowledge more and more when Veggie Global as a source provides me with the information you provide. It will be beneficial for me and you. I'll recommend my friends over. Thanks a lot! N. F, Bronx NY

15 March 2002

hi, global collapse, global harmonics, raising consciousness, is the path i've been on for as long as i can remember. something i was born to do. read "the final empire" by wm. kotke and i have my doubts about a "peaceful, controllable collapse" of this culture. i'm preparing myself for the crunch and looking everywhere i can for info. the most important movie i've seen recently has been "the matrix". the wachowski brothers know what they are talking about. looking forward to learning more from this site. thanks. D.H, Canada

12 Jan 2002

just new to this site but i must say it looks good so far. E, United Kingdom

4 Jan 2002

At last ... a site with real substance... amazing, I'm of to explore some more of your planets! Dawn, United States

2 Jan 2002

A great site for like minded people! Helen, UK

20 December 2001

very nice a good web site for vegetarians!!. G.M, United Kingdom

16 December 2001

I'm not a vegtarian but,i thought about being a vegan.I like the idea of banning fossil fuels sometime before 2010 the sooner the better.I believe we have the technology to convert to free energy or other alternatives now.If we don't wake up and do something than we will not only be destroying our environment but, all humanity.I think VeggieGlobal and websites like it are a great tool to educate people on what's really going on. A.M, United States

10 November 2001

Thankyou so much you are an absolute star!, you have answered all my questions and more, I shall pass this on to friends along with your website address. I can't tell you how useful this info is, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! R.C United Jingdom

4 October 2001

Very interesting. D.H, USA

9 September 2001

I love it. (Looking-Glass) I was wondering why not try to sell the documentary film called The Animals'Film diected by Victor Schonfeld and narrated by Julie Christy. It is a great educational tool for people and do not understand why it is not utilized as it should be.. I am an animal rights activist and enviromentalist. K.M. USA

Looking-Glass replies: We have have tried to trace the film in question and it appears that it has not been released on either VHS or DVD, but we will inform subscribers via the site as soon as it becomes available.

21 August 2001

(About VeggieGlobal) ... Ah! Your veggie site has become my best friend .... The last two weeks I have became obsessed with healthy eating so now I visit your site to look and learn about all the vitamins. Keep up the good work. Marina, UK

12 August 2001

This is a truly fantastic site, and I really love your dreambeat way of thinking.. I really hope this site attracts many users as I feel it has a very positive outlook, at present I can find no letters, other users , ads or anything other than the information provided. I was personally drawn to this site on a search for dream interpretation... and I have passed this address on. I really hope this site continues, I would be really sad to see it shut.. peace and blessings to you ,,,,ps I love love love! the interactive graphics,,, thank you for helping me to slow down..... Melody, United Kingdom.

26 July 2001

(About VeggieGlobal) ...I think it (VeggieGlobal) has a huge amount of potential! I just love to see new veggie sites popping up! It's so encouraging! I hope your site receives a tremendous response!... K, United States


New Veggies Information Path
* VeggieGlobal Intro
1 Subscribe Free
2 Becoming Veggie
3 Veggie FAQs
4 Nutrition Guide
5 The Turning Year
6 Watch Out For...
7 Further Steps


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You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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