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Global Green Laws
Planting the seeds of hope to bring a dying planet back to life...


What Are Global Green Laws?

GGL's are world healing concepts which, via voting, can directly link to organizations, governments and authorities that have the persuasion or power to make a difference.
Each GGL gives either a brief or sometimes more detailed idea on how to end global damage, whether it be animal, environmental and humanitarian.
Choose any or all the GGL's, read them and vote. Once you have voted you'll also be offered external links to organizations which provide you a free click to directly help rain-forests, animals, environments, oceans and people - including children.
When each of the GGL proposals has reached 100,000 votes, the VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass web retreat will present the relevant organizations with a CD ROM petition containing the votes. We will keep on doing this for each set of 100,000 votes.
You'll find the GGL's on the drop-down menu on the top right of this page, or a more detailed list below.

If you would like get a real feel of what the GGL's represent and read about the concept on more detail then read the In-Depth Introduction

Here below are the 10+1 Main GGL's ... choose and vote now:

Each set of 100,000 votes will be sent to the appropriate organizations who can direct your vote accordingly to world government departments.

The 10+1 Main GGL's are:

1. Global ban in manufacturing of fossil fuelled internal combustion engines by 2015 and compulsory replacement of clean, renewable energy alternatives.

2. Immediate global halt to deforestation.

3. Global banning of live animal exports.

4. A "border free" world water distribution program.

5. Solar/Green renewable energy as the primary source of power in all new homes and industry by 2015.

6. Global standards set for "no spill" oil tanker construction.

7. Global banning of all blood sports, animal experimentation and fur trading.

8. A United Oceans. An international monitoring organization with powers to regulate fishing, minimize sea pollution and regulate water re-channeling across every country around the planet.

9. A universal garbage colour code for easy recycling of household and commercial waste.

10. A United Natural Energy League. An international committee whose sole purpose is to accumulate funds from all countries for research and development of a free energy source either from solar energy or natural motion.

The 11th GGL which will prevent any nation or organization to claim whole or part sovereignty over a planet or moon.



Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more. Also see our major news site.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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keeping the future ... shades of green

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