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Global Green Laws
Planting the seeds of hope to bring a dying planet back to life ... An in-depth introduction.


What Are Global Green Laws?
(Skip this first paragraph if you have aleady read the main intro)

GGL's are world healing concepts which, via voting, can directly link to organizations, governments and authorities that have the persuasion or power to make a difference.
Each GGL gives either a brief or sometimes more detailed idea on how to end global damage, whether it be animal, environmental and humanitarian.
Choose any or all the GGL's, read them and vote.
Once you have voted you'll also be offered external links to organizations which provide you a free click to directly help rain-forests, animals, environments, oceans and people - including children.
When each of the GGL proposals has reached 100,000 votes, the VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass web retreat will present the relevant organizations with a CD ROM petition containing the votes. We will keep on doing this for each set of 100,000 votes.
You'll find the GGL's on the drop-down menu on the top right of this page, or a more detailed list below.


The first steps - to take equal responsibility for the irresponsible actions of all humanity:

"Recent world calculations have concluded that each year, up to 50% of the entire planet's new growth of plants as well as a large percentage of the animal population, is harvested for one species alone... humans".

"But I can't stop to do anything about helping to save the planet ... I'm just so busy".
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal reminds all site visitors of its philosophy:

"The Looking-Glass means viewing the relationship between ourselves and our damaged environment from deeper within our souls. Putting pride and and a busy schedule to one side and to allow time within our self-absorbed lifestyle for outward-giving ... Hard as it may sound we must honestly question our own ignorance and selfishness on all levels ... whether subliminal, deliberate or in blatant self-denial.
The Looking-Glass philosophy aims to open our eyes to pure, universal common and uncommon sense. But in the meantime, think about how much more we take from this planet without giving back.
Please give time, consideration and compassion to act responsibly. Because perhaps you, like millions of other humans are responsible for this onset of such highly accelerated mass global extinction."

Have we created a global saturation point ?

Once, you might have come across an oddball wandering the streets of London holding a board above his head with the words scribbled on it "The End of the world is nigh", accompanied by some kind of babbling monologue. We all took a wide berth from the bearer of these bad tidings and hurried along.
We dismissed such people as nutty scaremongers. But the basic sentiment they proclaimed, but which we so incredulously dismissed, was closer to reality than most of us dared to imagine.

"Humans are earth's parasites, sucking the life-blood from its main arteries. We rape its natural harvest, above and below the surface . We pollute and de-naturalize all that we interfere with. We have irreparably disrupted the natural food chain, depleting all other life-forms until their extinction. The pulse of this planet will ultimately stop ... and with it all humanity".

Today, the reality of global extinction truly is "nigh".
It's a culmination of conclusive evidence from environmental researchers and scientists world-wide, and to any sharp-sensed common observer, the proof of environmental degradation is all around us.
All species on earth depend on intact eco-systems to survive.
Most animals provide sustenance to their ecosystems as much as they receive from it ... They are interdependent with it through a reciprocal arrangement which helps the chain of life, death and environmental evolution work in perfect harmony.
Humans depend on intact ecosystems as well, but judging by the way we destroy every eco-system we interact with, it's clear that most people are too stupid to realise how much interdependency plays a vital role in such relationships with the earth. We seem to be consistently unresponsive to the fact that striking a natural balance with the natural world is the fundamental prerequisite of our survival. Because of this, modern humanity is the only species on earth which does not fit into and harmonize with any self-sustaining environment. We have disrupted and destroyed the fragile, self-perpetuating mechanism of all ecosystems - to a point where global evolution can no longer function along a natural path of biological expansion and diversity.

The source of global extinction stems from the psychological make up of us simply being human; doing what we want, and when we want, for instant self-satisfaction.
This behaviour boils down to an ignorance or selfish trait of each individual's human nature. Even collectively, governments of most countries continually fail to recognise the urgent need to interelate their political control with the global ecosystem within which it operates. Economic growth and the environment are always separated by govermental agendas - never working to support ech other. Instead, environmental improvement should and could create economic growth - if only governments would see the sense in running their countries in such a way.
Unless we are able to rise above this ingrained, primal "ID" response (self-gain and control), how can we make solid resolutions so as to harmonize with this earth and with this universe ... yet alone with each other? And how are we to do so without always thinking of personal gain or effect?
From individuals to entire governments, we have to repair and help humanity ascend towards a clear, higher level of common and un-common sense... A sixth sense if you like. It will only be through such realization that we will see and feel how much we have to change. Re-evalutating our self-purpose will enable us and everything about us to at least, begin to recover.
Only then can we provide solutions and answers from an intelligent viewpoint. Repair and peaceful understanding by all ... including yourself.

Some Basic Facts

By now, you are aware of a term that has become part of a language of this new century. But do you really understand the consequences of "Global Warming"? It's not an excuse to throw out your woolly jumpers and revamp your wardrobe for an "endless summer" fashion collection.
The raw facts are these:
Humans pump excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the use of fossil fuels and other air-born pollutants. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas which traps the sun's heat. The more carbon dioxide we create, the warmer the earth gets.
But regionally, this can also trigger devastating weather conditions like floods and even a new ice age for some areas of the world. Oceans thermal currents are affected by the climatic changes and can turn off warm currents causing freezes across entire continents.
The USA alone creates over 25% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions. Industry and fossil fuelled internal combustion engines, which we use in our cars, are causing a climate change so extreme and so quickly that the oceans are now rising between 10 and 20 cms as the two polar caps melt. This may not sound much, but just a few centimeters can flood whole countries and islands.
Such extreme climate changes can also effect whole species and habitats, both human and animal.
Any natural changes in the earth's climate would normally be spread over tens of thousands of years. But we have generated a massive artificial change within just a hundred years or so. This super-fast, unnatural shift does not give the earth's natural bio-diversity anywhere near enough time to adapt.
Along with habitat destruction on land and in the sea, the entire planet is being raped of life and life support ... It has reached a critical mass.
Without drastic and immediate reconsideration - through changing our own human behavior, the only outcome is extinction on a global scale.
We simply must stop controlling, conquering and consuming.

GGL's ... Why should you care?

The concept of universal laws covering environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare across the planet may seem impossible to put into practice. But if super-states can throw trendy terms like "global community" around on a political and commerce level, then the more realistic and necessary application of global laws that protect the natural world can be easily achieved.
But does "global village" have any constructive meaning in the real world?
The term itself needs an application - Something that can be accomplished with the support and action of the "global village" itself.
Although it is easy to blame the world's governments, a large degree of responsibility rests on the general public, and that most likely includes you as well.
To act on something that effects not just you but a situation around you as well, is at least one step to a compassionate outlook. This is not politics ... nothing to do with voting in superficial governments based on their superficial promises. It's not just even about donating to a charity for the sake of clearing your conscience, and so laying the responsibility on others to do the work for you. Conscious, passive action is about thinking for yourself; this is step is to accept personal responsibility as part of the human chain of global destruction. Nobody is excluded from this charge, however much they might dedicate their life to trying to change the world for the better. We are all inherently responsible.

If you think that an entire world community should accept the charge of its terrible crimes against the natural world and make a united effort to repay for this by enforcing Global Green Laws to help repair the damage, then you are stepping on the path to "independently caring".
The Global Green Law concept (GGL's) raises primary concerns about environment and ethical treatments, separating them into manageable chunks.
Global Warming is a key issue, which overshadows all environmental (and ethical) imbalance ... since it's a culmination of human mismanagement of the environment. A crime which we must all take responsibility for.

The things that now effect your life

The world's comfortable societies - probably like the one you, live in - take so many "crisis" words and phrases for granted - just trendy lingo of the times. But in fact these words are fundamental expressions in describing the disturbing reality of real planetary deterioration - Words like "global warming", "environmental destruction", "humanitarian travesty", "ecological disaster" are real issues. Pehaps they bear no personal effect on the self-centered, sheltered lives of western cultures, because the actual relevance of these words means absolutely nothing to them. That is until, floods, hurricanes, fuel shortages, food scares and other "inconveniences", not so much touch their lives with a gentle brush, but slap them hard in the face. The harsh reality of the world's environmental decline has to force its way through the front door of their homes before they truly realize what a mess they themselves have created.
In the UK for example, hurricane force winds and floods occurring every ten years, then every 7 years , then every five years - are still not enough for people to act on the obvious... which means putting together priority measures to reverse the environmental effects that are generating such conditions:

But people will still:

  • houses on flood risk areas. (Because quick money making schemes seem more important than environmental solutions)
  • ...get in a car and drive a hundred meters to buy a newspaper.
  • ...stuff themselves with foods originating from countries which destroy highly sensitive natural forests to farm fast food products (with pesticides)
  • ...stuff themselves with factory farmed, penned in animals, pumped up with drugs leaving them with no natural resistance to disease - some of which transfer to humans.
  • ...over-fish and pollute the oceans, which are fast been depleted and poisoned of life... Remember that apart from trees, flora and fauna, the ocean is one of the key ingredients that is fast loosing the ability to keep global biodiversity stable.

Even thoughless actions in your local neighborhood, which might be considered petty against the bigger picture of global destruction all add to its ultimate demise:

  • Using deep slicing machines to creat trenches which cut through the main roots of millions of trees by roadsides when laying communications cables. This weakens the tree, it slowly dies, then blows down in a strong wind a few years later.
  • At home and your friends - constantly updating electronic consumer products with more fashionable replacements. This causes increasing strain on natural resources and more non-biodegradable pollution each year.
  • At home and your friends - constantly updating electronic consumer products with more fashionable
  • Environmentally unfriendly garden "make-overs", which leave no naturall habitat for wildlife or native plants.

    And so the list becomes endless... and it's our own shameful actions that have generated it and now the planet - from your local biosystem to the ozone layer is collapsing....

    So instead of just throwing in a token comment at a dinner party about "the environment"... actually help DO something about it ...
    ... Begin by voting the on the GGL's

Please be "bothered" to Vote ... here's how

When each of the GGL proposals has reached 100,000 votes veggieglobal and Looking-Glass will present the relevant organizations with a CD ROM petition containing these. We will keep on doing this for each set of 100,000 votes. Please remember to fill in your name on your vote otherwise it will cannot be counted as part of our petition. Thank you.

This could be the largest global vote ever. Make yours count!

Could our call for unified compassion actually become a global reference for all countries to take into consideration? All due to YOU.... the "Global Compassionate".
Such dreams are all seeds that in the long term may be the inspiration of kings, so to speak.
So let's throw these seeds of hope across the web and see who decides to water them!

(sections of this introduction are from "Planet of the Grapes"
Edited from "A Paraversal View" and "Earth in Collision" John O'Donnell)

Here below are the 10+1 Main GGL's ... choose and vote now:

Each set of 100,000 votes will be sent to the appropriate organizations who can direct your vote accordingly to world government departments.

The 10+1 Main GGL's are:

1. Global ban in manufacturing of fossil fuelled internal combustion engines by 2015 and compulsory replacement of clean, renewable energy alternatives.

2. Immediate global halt to deforestation.

3. Global banning of live animal exports.

4. A "border free" world water distribution program.

5. Solar/Green renewable energy as the primary source of power in all new homes and industry by 2015.

6. Global standards set for "no spill" oil tanker construction.

7. Global banning of all blood sports, animal experimentation and fur trading.

8. A United Oceans. An international monitoring organization with powers to regulate fishing, minimize sea pollution and regulate water re-channeling across every country around the planet.

9. A universal garbage colour code for easy recycling of household and commercial waste.

10. A United Natural Energy League. An international committee whose sole purpose is to accumulate funds from all countries for research and development of a free energy source either from solar energy or natural motion.

The 11th GGL which will prevent any nation or organization to claim whole or part sovereignty over a planet or moon.

Introduction to the GGL


Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more. Also see our major news site.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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