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Global Green Laws
GGL #1

Global ban in manufacturing of pollutive fossil fuelled internal combustion engines by 2015 and compulsory replacement of clean, renewable energy alternatives.

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About GGL #1

Fuel for Thought

There are waves of public protest over increases in fuel prices throughout many regions of the world. If such action doesn't raise the question of alternative energy resources for the future, then the scenarios we are now witnessing, will repeat themselves more periodically and perhaps in more violent ways in the future.

We are fast reaching the end of the planet's oil supplies, and as usual, human complacency half ignores such situations until the obvious consequences slap us in the face with a not-so-oily rag.
Sad but funny, it's interesting to observe the ant-like mentality of panic drivers during an impending fuel shortage, queuing by their thousands, for petrol… and not only that, but with their engines still running.
The public like to "display" concern towards the environmental damage to the planet through the use of fossil fuels, but hypocritically, they will rarely stop to review their dependency on personal transport and consumer gadgets powered by it or made by its derivatives. So much for resolutions, particularly when you see mums taking their kids to school in huge gas guzzling four wheel drive off-road vehicles - that have never been off-road.
In the UK for example, the government are milking fuel prices through excessive tax, but surely this situation must effectively switch on the light bulbs (or not) for many citizens; Modern society is totally dependent on oil and that's a very dangerous state of affairs. This creates a very powerful political correlation between government / energy suppliers who control the welfare of whole nations.

Air pollution, emitted by internal combustion engines, and industries which pump out similar garbage not only hangs like a shadow of death over cities but settles in pockets of rural areas across the countryside. It also travels across continents, destroying trees and forests, settling on snowbound terrain - layers of poisonous chemicals eventually melting into once fertile soil and into rivers.
But who cares? ... It may not be affecting your back yard ... and a slight haze in the sky above your city doesn't mean you can't see enough to get around in your daily life. You probably haven't even noticed that the earth has dimmed by 10% in the last thirty years because of pollution. The public are more concerned about their immediate needs, and so the effects of ozone depletion and chronic respiratory diseases are irrelevant until such horror strikes on a personal level.
The demand for a comfortable drive to work is greater than a concern for the long term damage to the integral structure of life as we know it. Governments depend on the greed of "must have" consumer mentality to politically engineer a social framework which allows them full reign and manipulation over what we now consider as life's essentials.
If, by now governments had forced more research and development into alternative clean energy, the politics of an oil crisis and control over it would have had very little or no consequence… in fact it wouldn't have happened. But in the UK for example, the government is making such profits on taxing oil, they are certainly not going to risk loosing that revenue.

  • If the same amount of money had been spent developing a high performance solar powered small family car (or travel pod) as has been spent over the last ten years in new petrol models (and the accompanying advertising promotions), then the world could, by now be transporting themselves using free, non pollutant energy. (See also "solar power" GGL)

What you are voting for...

The GGL suggests that through global government agreements, production of all pollutive modes of transport should be completely phased out by 2015.

Your voting options

Vote Here for this GGL#1

Read more about the Global Green Laws concept here


Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more. Also see our major news site.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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