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Global Green Laws
Ideals in Discussion


If you are not familiar with the GGL concept, please
read the introduction

Besides the main GGL's that you can read and vote for, what follows below are more nonpolitical GGL related proposals. They are locally campaignable and therefore allow room for discussion and consideration in your own country.

If you are not familiar with the GGL concept, please
read the introduction

Discussion Menu

Non-Vegetarian Consumers - Food for Thought
Animal & Environment Protection - The Light and Shade of Compassionate Causes

More Ideas for the GGL

Non-Vegetarian Consumers
(links to GGL's 3 & 7)

Food for Thought
Over the years, VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass has been involved in animal welfare and vegetarianism on various interactive levels. Experiencing social environments, politics and profiles on these subjects... from live animal export to conservation projects - and from vegetarianism in the media to contrasting policies of wildlife / animal charities and sanctuaries.
Observing public consumers viewpoints and habits has also helped build an unbiased and conclusive profile from each end of the spectrum on many of these related subjects.

Mainstream Hypocrisy and a Reforming Solution
The hypocrisy begins with the non-vegetarian consumer.
A decision or habitual demand to purchase parts of dead animals - conveniently "pre-killed" and shrink wrapped - sets off a backwards chain of arguments and political discordance, which points at meat, fish and farming industries. Historically the chain is linked, but in modern society it begins with the consumers demand - and the consumers aesthetic expectations.

So... the meat-eating consumer must first answer to this ...
... a most basic, simplistic and challenging question perhaps ... but relevant:

You walk into your richly stocked supermarket and come face to face with a live lambs, a calves ducks, chickens and other sentient creatures looking frightened and confused. They are tethered where the pre-packed meat counter once stood.

All pre-slaughtered meat products are no longer available.

There is a price tag attached to each of these live animals... and there is also a large knife.

Would you kill the animal yourself to eat the meat?...

Before we continue this discussion, we have no quarrel with those few individuals who take personal responsibility in a one to one relationship with their own animal food source... to eat what they kill themselves... that philosophy originates from earth-rooted cultures far removed from the modern world of the frozen meat section and unethical pre-packed convenience of the supermarket.

But for the huge majority of meat eating consumers this is where "turn a blind eye" hypocrisy begins, then moves off into many paths of ignorance. For example, the public's general condemnation of blood sports is a fine sentiment but they still eat the products from some of these activities - via the supermarket shelf. The hypocrisy gets more inane ... those who bet on the Grand National but "won't watch it because the horses get hurt". Even children are blinded by moral disassociation ... "I'll eat bacon but I won't eat Babe" (the piglet made famous in the films) This is the consequence of a self-serving society which seems to conveniently anaesthetize a guilty conscience whenever it suits.
It's predominantly demonstrated by the nonsensical ethics
of western culture; which can look into the innocent eyes of a cow grazing by the roadside or on an injured deer on a wildlife hospital TV program and shed an emotional tear. But they will never have to face picking up that knife and slitting its throat... they just wait for it to arrive in a bun with fries.

A polite message for meat consumers ...
The less meat you eat, the less animals will be farmed - therefore less animal suffering. If you would like to explore the possibilities of becoming vegetarian and to also understand the huge benefits you and the planet will gain by doing so, then you are most welcome to explore VeggieGlobal from the start.

Humans find ethical peace of mind in making laws to help protect themselves. For example the tobacco industry has to adhere to the laws bestowed on them - warning labels on cigarette packets telling us that we could die from smoking if we use their product. We are concerned about our own health and we are made conscious of the risks involved when abusing our own bodies.
But who speaks for the health and lives of animals?

If smokers are provided with health warnings on cigarette packs telling them that cigarettes can kill them, then why shouldn't meat packages have "conscience warnings" reminding consumers that meat-eating kills animals?

The GGL suggests that "conscience" warning labels accompanied by a clear photo of the animal species in its natural environment should be displayed on all meat and fish products. i.e.

  • Food for Thought CONSCIENCE WARNING: 'This sentient creature was killed for your consumption.'
  • Food for Thought CONSCIENCE WARNING: 'This animal has suffered greatly to reach your plate.'
  • Food for Thought CONSCIENCE WARNING: 'The oceans are being depleted of marine life.'

The GGL also points you at a VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass ethical labelling campaign called NOVA.
For more information visit:

Introduction to the GGL
Suggested reading linked to GGL issues
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Animal & Environment "Blanket" Protection (links to GGL's 3 & 7)

The Light and Shade of Compassionate Causes

There is no universal policy on care of injured animals amongst the major charitable organizations. Each control the fate of animals in care based on their own policies.
Controversy therefore becomes an issue even amongst the major organizations. Where one organization will destroy an animal if the seriousness of injuries mean that it will never fully recover, another sanctuary will keep the animal alive regardless.
Some large organizations decide which animals they will play god with. One, for example in the UK considers a wood pigeon as vermin... so if you took an injured bird there it would be destroyed... not nursed back to health.

The GGL suggests that a regulatory body should be established, setting out guidelines that ensure fair and equal treatment to animals that pass through all sanctuaries and animal protection societies. This body will also monitor and report conditions at smaller non-registered sanctuaries to ensure that animals health and living conditions are not being compromised.
This body would extend to inspection of conservation management. To monitor private landowners who have registered as nature reserves for charitable benefits. To ensure that responsible methods are applied and prioritized to ensure long-term preservation and regeneration. That adjustments attached to such responsibilities are executed through educated, environmental planning and not for cosmetic appearance or short term, personal self-expression.

There is more to read on this subject at

To discuss these issues with others go to the Looking-Glass Chat Lounge Parental Guidance Recommended

Introduction to the GGL
Suggested reading linked to GGL issues
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Here are a few more GGL ideas

Petrol / Battery Powered Vehicles

There is a new range of cars appearing, which run on both petrol and clean electricity.
Once these vehicles become common place. A compulsory law should be passed whereby all such vehicles must switch to battery power when driving through towns, cities and villages. This is because cars use up much more fuel and cause more pollution when driving in built-up areas, using less fuel when cruising on country roads.
The easiest way to endorse this law is by setting up automatic trigger systems on all roads approaching built-up areas. As a car passes through the trigger sensor, a signal will be sent to the car's computer switching over its power from "petrol" to "battery".

Environmentally Friendly Goods Transportation

Canals should be built next to all motorways to carry heavy goods vehicles transporting non-perishable cargo. The vehicles will be transported on barges powered by solar energy. The long roofs of the lorries themselves will house efficient solar energy panels, which will supply engine power to the barges. Areas of motorway services would be adapted so that barges can also "park" (and recharge if necessary).

Introduction to the GGL
Suggested reading linked to GGL issues
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Each set of 100,000 votes will be sent to the appropriate organizations who can direct your vote accordingly to world government departments.

To discuss this issue with others go to the Looking-Glass Inn CHAT LOUNGE
Or go to the GGL Introduction


The 10+1 Main GGL's are:

1. Global ban in manufacturing of fossil fuelled internal combustion engines by 2015 and compulsory replacement of clean, renewable energy alternatives.

2. Immediate global halt to deforestation.

3. Global banning of live animal exports.

4. A "border free" world water distribution program.

5. Solar/Green renewable energy as the primary source of power in all new homes and industry by 2015.

6. Global standards set for "no spill" oil tanker construction.

7. Global banning of all blood sports, animal experimentation and fur trading.

8. A United Oceans. An international monitoring organization with powers to regulate fishing, minimize sea pollution and regulate water re-channeling across every country around the planet.

9. A universal garbage colour code for easy recycling of household and commercial waste.

10. A United Natural Energy League. An international committee whose sole purpose is to accumulate funds from all countries for research and development of a free energy source either from solar energy or natural motion.

The 11th GGL which will prevent any nation or organization to claim whole or part sovereignty over a planet or moon.

GGL Ideals in Discussion l introduction to the GGL



Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more. Also see our major news site.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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