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Global Green Laws
GGL #7

Global banning of all blood sports, forms of animal racing which cause suffering, animal experimentation and fur trading.

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About GGL #7

The title of this GGL speaks for itself. But for those of you not convinced that banning the use of animals in experimentation is a practical choice, think forwardly and embrace the following considerations:

Testing and blood sports

Laboratories which continue to use animals for experimentation, either medical, cosmetic or other use, do so because it is a cheaper alternative than to invest in technologies based on computer modelling. Computers are quite capable of simulating the effects of medicines, etc. on humans... in fact even more precisely than on an animal. Utilizing the power and potential of modern technology should easily enable humanity to adopt more ethically based goals... but this doesn't seem to be the case. The habits and legacies of institutions seem hard to break. The methods or "sports" that they practice belong to the evolutionary dustbin of historical embarrassments. Animal experimentation and blood sports are both part of an old school mentality, and such "preservation" of cruelty is an evil and simply moronic act in itself.

It is the same complacent attitude as we describe in the GGL Fossil Fuel discussion; as long as there is an easily obtained commodity, available now - for science or pastime - regardless of how unethical or damaging it may be - then that commodity will be the common, popular preference. In the medical and chemicals world researchers conform to the ingrained principles that animals are cheap and available to test on... so why bother to develop computer simulation programs that can achieve the same (even though more precise) results? It just goes to prove that narrowly focused text book academics can easily fall short of attaining wisdom and ethical intelligence. These white coated Dr Frankensteins are too busy trying to win Nobel prizes and recognition, attempting to find a cure for cancer. And whilst failing to do so in this way, why should they care if they butcher a few thousand animals to a slow, uncomfortable death in the process?... We repeat again, that with time spent on developing accurate computer programs to simulate all treatments with new experimental drugs, animals would subsequently not need to be used. Potential cures for untreatable diseases may well be forthcoming, as the technology develops relative to the phenomenal speed that computer calculus constantly accelerates.

There is increasing scope to introduce arguments on genetics - the book of life - and its role in human health research. Its ethics and implications and how certain legislative decisions can re-route the adaptation of human evolution... whether considered natural or not. The Looking-Glass solar system is evolving too and we will introduce room for such discussions at a later time.

Ban fur trading

Even though the UK government banned fur production in 2002, British furriers have reported a massive surge in sales. Just as we thought the unsavoury trend of wearing fur was slowly becoming a thing of the past, fashion designers have decided to target consumers with designs laced with dead animals. It's no thanks to a new generation of insensitive designers and consumers that everyone from the catwalk to the high street is wearing it again. Young people have somehow been brainwashed into believing that "Moral objections about wearing fur are old hat" Even though fake fur has been perfected to a point where it's almost impossible to tell the difference, it seems that a new wave of un-compassionate consumers find humane alternatives of no importance. Sales in fur have risen by 35% in 2003 alone and are still on the rise. British traders buy and sell a staggering 50% of the worlds fur from countries like Denmark. Since fur farming has been outlawed in the UK, many farmers have simply moved their barbaric practices to other countries. While designers are firmly set in generating a demand for fur fashion then trading looks to increase even further over the coming years.

Racing etc.

This GGL #7 also covers steeple chasing, and all forms of forced horse jumping and animal racing which can maim and kill the animals. Including animals used in hunt sports. In fact anything that exploits animals, including the use of animals in circuses. You may be interested to view the VeggieGlobal message to the employees of hunts (you'll find a link on VeggieGlobals Main Contents page) Also, see the LGGN news article on the fate of racing Greyhounds ritually hung after their "useful" life in Spain.

What you are voting for...

This GGL proposes Global banning of all blood sports, forms of animal racing which cause suffering, animal experimentation and fur trading.

Your voting options

Vote Here for this GGL#7

Read more about the Global Green Laws concept here


Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more. Also see our major news site.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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