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Welcome to VeggieGlobal

VeggieBite ...
Recent research has found that vegetarians live up to 6 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

... your web retreat that's always striving to keep the future shades of green.

Thinking of turning Veggie? ... then this way please!

Already Veggie? ... then this way please!

But first .. please read a little about what VeggieGlobal stands for ... and its objectives.

VeggieGlobal believes that adopting a veggie or vegan diet should reach far beyond whimsical fulfillments such as personal health benefits, the love of cute kitten videos or vying for kudos for simply for being green. The Looking-Glass philosophy (VeggieGlobal's parent resource) is based firmly on pragmatic principles ... and not sanctimony.
Awareness and interaction on the issues raised here should help benefit the core of the problem - and that means  action to restore the health of the planet itself ... and thereafter all that dwells on it. Heal the source by recovering an ecological balance, and from then on follow the principles of genuine sustainability to keep it healthy. What derives and flourishes from a healthier heartbeat of the earth should by nature maintain support of all life and environments ... this is VeggieGlobal's main principle.
The resources found here at VeggieGlobal and at Looking-Glass (the nucleus of this non-profit organisation) reflect on the damage humans are causing, and we discuss the root causes of this damage as well as striving to put solutions into action, which may encourage slow-but-sure positive change.
We are all consumers in one way or another and the nature of modern consumerism leads to the undeniable fact that we are equally to blame for the mass destruction of earth's natural flora and fauna as much as the growers, extractors and their industries who supply us the items we demand - nearly all at the expense of the entire planet and its future stability.
The beginnings of VeggieGlobal (Looking-Glass) on line date back to 1996. Since then, many veggie-based resources and publications have spawned - some clearly inspired by the Veggieglobal philosophy while others publishing ill-conceived information or advice in a sanctimonious busy-body style - which can inadvertently cause more of a negative than positive effect. People in principle don't like being preached to.
By reading this site's philosophy it is hoped that you will feel inspired by what you experience rather than feeling nagged at. Our articles and advices are based on our own research and experience through long-term study and not on hearsay. We help you to explore beyond the eco-jargon on an "ethical" brand and we also avoid web discussion forum mentality, rife with internet alarmism. We therefore steer around both greenwash and displaced righteousness. We also hope you will appreciate the manner in which VegieGlobal navigates the moral maze to ensure that you can feel empowered as a veg*n without the banging drums of extreme animal-righteousness, and instead giving strength and reassurance if feeling disparaged by meat eaters.  VeggieGlobal hopefully inspires through its maxims and pragmatic commentary, which perhaps triggers self-realised personal choice. We focus on diplomacy to determine what truly causes animal and environmental problems and will only promote balanced solutions if we feel they can be realistically reached and thereafter achieved in practice. We also research and highlight veggie information sometimes distorted (spun) by producers manufacturers and restaurants. We have devised the term "veggiewash" to emphasise this topic.
You don't have to subscribe to VeggieGlobal if you don't wish to - all areas are free to explore and there is almost no advertising to speak of - only occasional links to related reading materials on Amazon. VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass is non-profit and of course any donation is most welcome to help run the sites and the campaigns and projects here such as The NOVA Key and Ban The Bang. Subscribe or not - donate or not - just by reading and absorbing (and "voting" where applicable) you are participating in the building of a path that began in 1996 and aims to continue towards striking the global harmonic of peace, compassion and the vital regeneration of earth's biodiversity.
But for whatever reason you have decided to turn veggie, its fine by us because every new vegetarian or vegan helps. We don't condescend just because you may be just vegetarian and not vegan or only vegan and not bio-vegan. You see ... being a vegetarian resource does make it hard not appear that we are being judgmental. So, whichever way the solution is spun to help revive the planet's environment, just you becoming veg*n in any capacity and for whatever reason will help that little bit more. Your veg*n diet does help reduce the highly negative impact of mass commerce animal farming and fishing. In all cases though we do urge you to stop buying products which contribute to ecological damage such as items grown or sourced as a result of the destruction of virgin forest, woodland, ocean, river and other natural habitats. VeggieGlobal / Looking-Glass was the first web resource to compile a mainstream report and campaign focusing on the impact of "bad" palm oil plantations across Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago - and of course it is common knowledge of the ongoing effects of logging, soya plantations and livestock farming across the Brazilian rainforest.  But products causing extreme environmental destruction also includes items of vanity such as jewellery made from new-extracted precious metals and stones. Mining is one of the main industries causing unprecedented damage to natural ecosystems.  So if you are turning veggie for your health reasons only we do try and give a little nudge to suggest that  you also consider looking more closely at where the source of your food, clothing (and jewellery) derives from.

VeggieGlobal has always been here for people of all ages but its format leans towards empowering new generations.
Environmental education from an early age is undoubtedly the most important factor in any country's educational curriculum. But sadly this subject is still grossly under-taught and profoundly ill-advised throughout all countries of the world .. not just in the classrooms but across swaths of the internet as well. Just one example: on "Earth Day" 2012 and 2013, school children in the state of Utah, USA were asked to celebrate productivity from fossil fuels and mining. Unbelievable but true.

In 2014 a major United Nations report revealed beyond doubt that global warming will have a "severe, pervasive and irreversible" impact on al human life and the entire planet.  throughout VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass will will strive to continue with our efforts to encourage active means to help alleviate the pressure on our planet, its resources and all who dwell on it.

Thinking of turning Veggie? ... then this way please!

Already Veggie? ... then this way please!


Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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keeping the future ... shades of green

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