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for Dummies Part Two

VeggieBite ...
The amount of land needed to produce a one-year food supply for a person on a meat-eating diet is 3.25 acres. The amount of land needed to produce a one-year food supply for a pure vegetarian is just 1/6 (0.16) acre.
From: "Diet for A New America" by John Robbins
More about viruses and diseases caused through mismanagement of animals.

The H5N1 Virus

In 2003 a particularly dangerous strain of bird flu began to spread from the far east, eventually arriving in Europe by 2006. Similar to a bird flu that killed more than 50 people in 1918 this new "dangerous-to-other animals-and-potentially-humans" strain called H5N1 has caused displaced panic, mainly through ignorance and people's irrational way in which to cope with it. In fact at the time of writing, H5N1 has still not been passed from one person to another.
By early February 2007 a massive outbreak of the deadly H5N1 variant had killed thousands of turkeys in a Bernard Mathews battery farm in Suffolk, England. A generally useless UK government body called DEFRA swung into action and quickly disposed of all remaining 150,000 birds inside the huge, crammed turkey sheds. In their infinite wisdom, DEFRA then had the virus ridden carcasses transported 200 miles across the UK to be incinerated, further increasing the risk of spreading the infection due to insufficiently sealed / decontaminated lorries. (Governments everywhere think that just by cleaning tyres on a truck, this will be enough to stop the spread of disease!) This intense (but very predictable) outbreak in a high density poultry farm in the West simply shows that not just China, but anywhere in the world where birds/animals are crammed into confined spaces in large numbers, disease will spread rapidly.
While many still continue to inhumanely cram their domestic fowl into confined spaces and carry on their lives, regardless of the lethal cocktail of disease they have created, others (particularly governments with shortsighted methods of dealing with the crisis) dish out misinformation and mixed-up methods in how to deal with the spreading problem.
Bird flu, or any flu for that mattter, does not recognize country borders ... and the way it is handled should be based on a global commonsense approach. But that's not how most humans think, and with diversified governments unable to establish rational and humane solutions, animals in particular look like they will always be used as the scapegoat in such situations. But killing healthy animals is the most destabilizing approach any authority or individual can take.
SARS is a virus which was also "created" through extreme cross-contamination in bird /animal markets and farms in the far east. The deadly version of "Avian Flu" was formed just in this way and so is Swine flu. To stop these potentially dangerous diseases from continually being created and spread so virulently in the first place, it has to be stamped out at the source. And that means banning cramped / intensive farming techniques in all countries; most notably the far east, central / south America and Africa. The trade practice of live poultry and animals being cramped together in filthy, disease-riddled markets should also be banned immediately.

The man-made rise and rise of infectious disease - including foot and mouth

Let's now go back to 2000 and the Foot and Mouth crisis in the UK.
Any animal friendly person will remember how the entire handling of the situation was an insane, criminal sham right from the start.
Because of greedy, overzealous farmers and irrational government orders, tens of thousands more animals were actually killed than would have died naturally if the disease had been allowed to pass through the farm animal chain without interference, whereby some would have died but many would have survived and built up resistance to pass on to the next generation. But instead, farmers grabbed the opportunity to get rid of all their animals, because they had quickly worked out that the financial compensation they would receive from the government was far higher than the money they would normally get selling their animals at market. There were even reports that farmers were deliberately infecting their animals with Foot and Mouth just so they could claim the compensation; This was done by borrowing an infected cow or a sheep from an infected farm and bringing it into contact with their own, otherwise healthy flock or herd.
And so, because no animal was left alive to pass any stronger, natural immunity to its offspring, Foot and Mouth will return just as virulently, to infect a new generation of animals sometime in the future ... and farmers can look forward to another financial windfall.
And what about the reaction of the British public during all this? A tear was shed by some as TV news showed thousands of animals burning in huge pyres across the UK ... a typical emotional reaction by a UK public who go dewy-eyed at the sight of a fluffy bunny on an animal rescue program. But just a few months later in August 2001 British television reported that consumers where back in the butchers to buy meat by the kilo... That's right ... the same British public now had the audacity to pat themselves on the back as they rushed to the shops to stock up on more and more meat. This, said the reports, was apparently to "show support and sympathy for the (now much richer) British meat farmer". One news report said that a supermarket chain was requesting more lambs to be slaughtered to meet public demand. On the internet, a UK website sprung up called "Pig Brother", inviting the British to vote to kill a pig ... all in support of British farmers.
This kind of jingoistic absurdity isn't just confined to the UK when it comes to animal diseases affecting its international trade and consumerism. During the bird flu epidemic in 2006, European meat-eaters revel in imperious support of poultry farmers, (while the farmers themselves look forward to profitable compensation!)

BSE ...

BSE, better known as Mad cow disease is a variant of scabies which is normally found in sheep. In all cases and variants of these incurable diseases, they were caused by animals being fed the ground-up meat and bones of their own species mixed in their feed. It's now even suggested by scientists that the human variant, CJD is caused by cattle been fed traces of crushed human remains mixed up in the feed, (most animal feed was imported from India where human material in the feed has been traced to corpses disposed of in rivers, in accordance with Hindu funeral customs). Therefore the CJD variant in humans was created by ourselves, inadvertently adding traces of human remains to cattle feed, which has then been transferred back to humans when eating beef. In all cases, cows, sheep and humans have been feeding off the remains of their own species, a process which is entirely unnatural and ultimately leading to horrific consequences.
Note: There was an epidemic of a CJD variant in New Guinea called "Kuru" where cannibalism was common place. Since cannibalism has disappeared, so has Kuru.

Aids ...

There is still no absolute proof how aids developed but most theories stem from some kind of simian based transference, either by medicine made from the ground organs of monkeys, sexual transference from monkeys, or eating them etc. Other theories suggest that HIV may have been artificially created in a laboratory from where the virus escaped. But wherever it came from, it was induced by humans acting irresponsibly; playing with science or using animals as a means to an end.


Animal Diseases for Dummies © 2006/7 - VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass

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