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From Cow to Clown
A journey through the social web of animal compassion, environmentalism and vegetarianism - Chapter 4

Cow to Clown - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Where is the Grass Greener?
Chapter 2 - In the Land of Friends or Follies
Chapter 3 - Terminology
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Cow to Clown - Epilogue

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A vegetarian diet can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of strokes, heart attack and kidney failure. It may also help to reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). In many people, changing to a vegetarian diet will also help you to lose and regulate your weight naturally.

The Other Side Of The Fence

There is obviously no room in the life of any compassionate person for antagonists in the pro meat-eating, pro-GM, pro-hunting, pro-animal testing, or anti-organic lobbies.

You are wiser to simply avoid patronizing show-offs who try to politicize your naturally well-balanced argument. Simply avoid so-called academics who may smirk pitifully at you as they try to impress that there is a far more intellectual argument "which you don't understand". In fact it's likely they can't handle factuality at simple ground level. They are compelled by their ego to express a "higher level" opinion through academic (but nonsensical equations) - regardless how far it takes the argument away from the central point.
The question that VeggieGlobal poses to meat eaters in the GGL discussion forum is a prime contender. If you are cornered by an antogistic carnivor and have no option but to respond to their patronising jests, then you may have no choice but to drop the ethical bombshell and pose the obvious question to them (see Meateaters Introduction to VeggieGlobal). Then you will no doubt receive the usual flurry of condescending responses accompanied by the sound of a dozen cans of worms being opened!
So quite simply, if you have had enough of confrontaions of that kind - although it may be hard - just change your social environment. If you are a vegetarian who lives by the prime directive "I don't eat meat because I couldn't kill the animal myself" then you really don't need to justify yourself. Don't let the ignorance of antagonists taint your compassionate beliefs.
Change your friends!

The media are becoming increasingly irresponsible by not considering the detrimental effects through publication or broadcast of environmentally sensitive issues. Their arguments for releasing such material cannot in any way be justified.
Here is an example:
A British TV company once gave half an hour of air time to the most smug, arrogant individual burbling on about the complete uselessness of organic foods. There was no point in the programme whatsoever, and was clearly produced to antagonize and create unnecessary contention. The programme presented not one viable reason why it should be questioning organic production.
In those situations it can only be a positive thing that we all make an effort to simply be a "nuisance", and start complaining about such programming.

Since then numerous reports of GM crops infecting natural environments have appeared in the press. You can find out more on this at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal News - LGGN


More Cans of Worms

The devils advocate says: "What happens to all the employees of the meat, fish and blood sport trades if the global ideal of mass vegetarianism ever picked up?".

Well the simple answer from the over-angst loud mouth protester mentioned in chapter 3 would be "who gives a shit".
But the Hunt Message here at VeggieGlobal suggests that there are calmer routes towards effective dialogue. Ways that allow everyone the opportunity to resolve the equation to everyone's satisfaction.
There's no chance that the whole world will suddenly abstain from eating meat or hunting animals overnight! It will probably take many years. In which case the effects on the livelihoods of those who exploit animals will be minimal. Meat production will become less profitable, but it will be a slow process so economical effects will be negligable. In fact, the effect will, in turn introduce other forms of employment in agricultural trades though increased demand of organic vegetable and protein products.

There's no moral sense for political argument regarding loss of employment within the meat, blood sport and farming industries. The message we put forward in the Hunt Message relates to the current situation of banning blood sport in the UK. But it could apply to any person employed in the meat or fish industry who may have suffered a loss to their business, perhaps through disease, like Foot and Mouth.. If you want to read it click here

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Cow to Clown - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Where is the Grass Greener?
Chapter 2 - In the Land of Friends or Follies
Chapter 3 - Terminology
you are here> Chapter 4 - Other Side Of The Fence
Cow to Clown - Epilogue

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