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From Cow to Clown
A journey through the social web of animal compassion, environmentalism and vegetarianism - Epilogue

Cow to Clown - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Where is the Grass Greener?
Chapter 2 - In the Land of Friends or Follies
Chapter 3 - Terminology
Chapter 4 - Other Side Of The Fence
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The power of suggestion ... for a good cause.

If you are compelled to spread the word more about vegetarianism or simply compassion towards animals and environmental issues, you can do so without making an over-reactive song and dance about it. Shouting and screaming about vegetarianism and animal welfare will only turn any potential converts off the idea.
If you are antagonized with bigoted opinions by meat-eaters etc., then stay calm. Just be yourself and remember, psychologically it's far more effective to attempt to "disarm" people passively. A polite and friendly response gives more food for thought instead of a loss of temper.

Being a true vegetarian with an ethical and compassionate conscience is a wonderful quality which should work harmoniously and transparently within your social life. Those personal qualities within you will eventually attract like-minded souls; friends who travel similar paths ... those who we call global compassionates.
It's sad to realize however that many people still travel paths of shallow-minded pursuits, where a quest for fame and fortune is more important to them than the damaged and dying planet they may ultimately bring their children up into.

Choose the right path, even if you are already part of a compassionate cause.
This suggests that you be careful who you interact with when it comes to animal welfare. As strange as it seems, this is also a "soft arena" that can unfortunately harbour over-angst individuals who are driven purely by violence rather than an offering a passive method to create awareness about animal rights. Militant style aggression and violent, political antagonism is something to stay well clear of. It gives the whole purpose of animal and environmental campaigning a bad name.

Animal and environmental protests need to be intelligently organised and here's a good example why:
In the UK a few years back, thousands of mink were released into the wild by animal activists. The subsequent effects on the natural wildlife will have long-term disastrous effects. The outcome of such an uneducated and ill-planed operation has caused more harm than good. However, we take our hats off to the Tree People and the those who actively protest using well co-ordinated, peaceful methods, which attract media interest for the benefit of raising awareness - and in turn may one day make the apathetic, cosy majority and your country's government think and act towards repair and protection.

And there you have it...

...An overview of the colourful world of vegetables and fluffy bunnies! (and not a lentil-bound ageing hippy in sight! ... well maybe one or two ... and why not!)

Remember... the idea of is to build bridges between the mainstream and compassionate causes - and maybe one day there will be no visible division at all.
So from whichever side of the bridge you are reading this, give the other side a chance.

There will always be blots on the landscape - cynics, antagonists, the self-righteous and the self-preservationists ...
... But when the burger clown turns veggie, the cows finally will come home, without fear of murder.


Cow to Clown - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Where is the Grass Greener?
Chapter 2 - In the Land of Friends or Follies
Chapter 3 - Terminology
Chapter 4 - Other Side Of The Fence
you are here> Cow to Clown - Epilogue


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