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VeggieBite ...
Recent research has found that vegetarians live up to 6 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

To "V" or not to "V", that is the confusionTo The Labelling Campaign
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal's major campaign investigating food products labelled suitable for vegetarians. Are all veggie labelled foods totally meat free? We also launch a campaign for an easy read, global, ethical labeling system for all foods and products, which shows whether or not they are meat free or tested on animals.


We invite you to vote on this - The NOVA Key - so we can encourage all manufacturers, governments and countries to make this a compulsory global labeling system on all products. We invite other vegetarian and animal welfare groups to join us and to help promote this important project. We also include views and opinion from key figures in animal welfare and manufacturing.

To the Nova Key campaign


Ban The BangBan the Bang!
Campaign to ban the public sale or use of fireworks that bang
Each year thousands of wild birds and animals simply die of fright from the noise of fireworks in back yards. We are not being killjoys here, but wish to divert the use of noisy fireworks solely to organised displays in open field areas, where they don't cause so much environnmental damage.

To the Ban The Bang! campaign


Meat Free, Animal / Environmentally Friendly, Organic Hypermarkets
A popular campaign. This is a forum and voting system designed to discuss the possibilities of Meat Free / Organic Supermarkets, offering the same service and shopping experience as big name supermarkets. Your votes are waiting to make the difference.
To the Veggie Hypermarket vote page


The Global Green Laws:
The concept of universal laws covering environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare across the planet may seem impossible to put into practice. But Veggieglobal, through Looking-Glass, may just provide the ultimate path of passive but effective protest to make all world governments sit up, listen and surely respond to their citizens increasing concerns.VeggieGlobal introduces the Global Green Laws with informative introductions. 100,000 of your votes are waiting to make the difference.
To The Global Green Laws


An insensitive new generation of fashion followers are buying and wearing real fur clothing again. In a shocking report by the BBC's Money Programme in 2003, young people say that "Moral objections are old hat"...
Even though the UK government banned fur production in 2002, British furriers have reported a massive surge in sales. Just as we thought the unsavoury trend of wearing fur was slowly becoming a thing of the past, fashion designers have decided to target consumers with designs laced with dead animals. It's no thanks to a new generation of insensitive designers and consumers that everyone from the catwalk to the high street is wearing it again. Young people have somehow been brainwashed into believing that fur is cool and trendy. Even though fake fur has been perfected to a point where it's almost impossible to tell the difference, it seems that a new wave of un-compassionate consumers find humane alternatives of no importance. Sales in fur have risen by 35% in 2003 alone. British traders buy and sell a staggering 50% of the worlds fur from countries like Denmark. Since fur farming has been outlawed in the UK, many farmers have simply moved their barbaric practices to other countries. While designers are firmly set in generating a demand for fur fashion then trading looks to increase even further over the coming years.
(more on this at LGGN)

Either visit our complete min-site called Think About Fur, which also includes comments from fashion models and info about Anti-fur campaigns ... or ...
vote against animal experimentation, blood / animal racing sports and fur trading


Actually... where am I?

You are currently viewing a sub-site which is part of a unique non-profit web retreat. and its sister site provide extensive resources on vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, conservation, global healing campaigns and more.
This retreat is designed to help empower and inspire the world to think and act with natural diligence and compassion.

Thank you for caring.

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keeping the future ... shades of green

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