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A Collection of Stories Compiled by VeggieGlobal

A Sixth Sense
A woman in Southern England suffered a miscarriage. For a week or so before the incident, her dog was constantly whining and trembling, and became very distressed whenever getting close to her. It seemed that the dog knew something was wrong. After the miscarriage the dog returned back to normal.

Only family (and concerned pets) during visiting hours!
Again, in the UK one family's loving cat showed very far-reaching concern for the health of its owners. The cat actually ran all the way from home and turned up at a hospital where the family's son had been taken after an accident. Apparently, the cat also makes a point of visiting many other family members living in the same area whenever they become ill!

Over the years there have been proven reports of amazing, long journeys made by animals trying to return to their homes or owners.
Most incredibly, some of the following stories include animals that have been given away by their owners who have then moved away soon afterwards. Later, the animal has turned up at the owner's new address hundreds of miles away. It would seem slightly more credible for an animal to find its way back to its own home territory, but to find its owner in a completely new foreign place is completely unexplainable.

Here's our first incredible journey story...
A collie was sent by its owner from Inverness in Scotland to a friend in Calcutta, India. A while after its arrival in India the dog disappeared. Then a few months later the very same dog bounded up to its master back in bonny Scotland. Evidently, it had boarded a ship from Calcutta bound for Dundee where it disembarked and jumped on a coastal ship to Inverness. At the time it was suggested that the dog was attracted to the right boats because of the sailors Scottish accents!

Further amazing travels by dogs include Bobbie, a collie from Oregon USA, who in 1923 travelled 3,000 miles to get back to his home.... Here's Bobbie's story:
In August 1923 restaurant owner Mr Brazier accompanied by his dog Bobbie was visiting relatives in Wolcott Indiana. Whilst parked at a garage Bobbie was chased away by a pack of dogs. He was nowhere to be found. Six months later Bobbie arrived back at his home town of Silverton, Oregon 3000 miles from Wolcott. On arrival he had first made for the grounds of an old farm house where he had been raised as a puppy. It was here he was found, sleeping on top of the grave of a fox terrier, his puppyhood companion. After some food and drink he bounded off to his master's restaurant and leapt on to the bed where Mr Brazier was taking a nap. Thousands flocked to see the dog who also received handfuls of medals and a little doggy bungalow for him to sleep in. Bobbie lived on for another 12 years.

How about this report from France, 1991 where a rabbit hunter was shot dead... by a rabbit!
Apparently hunter Vincent Caroggio of Chartres stopped for a rest. He laid down his gun and was instantly shot by the rabbit, which had jumped from its burrow and bumped against the trigger!

And here is the Drunken Elephant News!
In the early 1990's a supply base in the jungle area of Bagdora, Bengal was continuously raided by elephants. The hefty rascals would make off with scores of bottles of rum, plus helpings of bananas and sugar. Inside the base, they would break open the rum bottles, knocking them back there and then... After boozing themselves to a stupor they would stagger back into the jungle leaving behind them a merry elephantine trail of destruction. The soldiers even built electric fences around the base, but the elephants would rip off tree branches, short circuit the fences and romp their way back in for another evenings jumbo jolly-up. One elephant certainly didn't forget the soldier who poured hot water over him one evening. After that the elephant would return regularly to demolish his hut!

Another Doggy Tale as Spot visits London
Back in the UK - Spot, an 8-month-old Sheep Dog Cross, jumped onto a National Express coach at Cardiff bus station in Wales, bound for London. No amount of biscuit coaxing could get Spot off the coach as he growled at the inspectors and drivers who tried to remove him. The driver, Alan Watkins eventually set off 15 minutes late with his non-paying passenger curled up on the front seat. On arrival at Victoria coach station, London, Spot jumped off and disappeared. But half an hour later he came bounding back just in time for the return journey, settling back down on his same seat. The passengers made a great fuss of him and when back in Cardiff, Spot was handed over to the RSPCA who took him to their dogs home.

Hot Milk Works as a Snake Charmer
A Turkish actor named Sonmez Yikilmaz was sleeping with his film crew in a tent on location. One night a black snake slipped into the tent and into the open mouth of the sleeping Sonmez. X-rays showed that the snake was still alive but Sonmez refused an operation to remove it and instead tried out the ancient method of snake removal. He hung himself upside down from a tree whilst a pot of steaming milk was placed below him. The smell of the milk lured the creature back out through his mouth!

Barry the Alsatian's Amazing Journey
Barry the Alsatian grew too big for the flat in Southern Italy where he lived with his master Armin da Broi. So Armin sold Barry. Some time later Armin moved to Solingen in West Germany. On Christmas Eve a year later Armin found Barry whimpering outside his new flat. He vowed that he and his dog would never be parted again. This journey of 1,200 miles seems more incredible since the dog had travelled to a completely unknown place to find his old owner.

Meanwhile, back with the Elephants
On a sadder note an elephant calf was knocked down by a locomotive in Bangladesh. An hour later the calf's mother blocked the path of next train and banged her head against the engine until it could no longer run leaving 200 passengers stranded for 5 hours. There is no report of the extent of the baby calf's injuries.

One Final Doggy Tale
Not a great distance mind you, (only 5 miles) but a most endearing story none the less... from 1979.
Mickey the dog was 15 years old, blind and almost stone deaf. His former master in King's Langley Hertfordshire had died 3 years earlier and he was now in the care of kind new owners Mr and Mrs Philips who lived 5 miles away in Hemel Hempstead. One Easter, Mickey disappeared and was eventually discovered outside his old derelict home back in King's Langley. Being blind, his journey had obviously been a most arduous task travelling across many busy roads. A crushed paw and bruises showed that he had been run over on his short but desperate little journey.

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